Copy and translations in marketing,
PR and advertising for the automotive sector.

Present your cars with passion for the best effects with your customers and in the media.

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Numerous well known brands and
organizations are already convinced.

Stefan Wilms has worked for independent and factory-allied car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle importers, brand dealerships and ambitious independent dealers as well as other businesses in the automotive sector. Customers have also included leasing agencies, fuel suppliers and producers for initial assembly and aftermarket sales, with products ranging from tyres to car bodies.

From the smallest to the most well-known customers, all understand that expertise is essential for effective B2C and B2B communication. They rely on discretion, and can rest assured that there is no danger in a simultaneous commitment to their own businesses and those of their competitors.

Meet your targets. Shift up to the
specialist with a proven track record.

Stefan Wilms is a highly-experienced media specialist in the automotive sector, and has even worked behind the scenes in Formula 1 racing.


Highly experienced
in text and translation for importers,
dealers and suppliers throughout
the automotive industry.


Flexible and discrete
thanks to an entrepreneurial
spirit and an eye for detail.
Confidentiality guaranteed.


Attuned to developments
in the automotive world

both internationally and in dealerships. On top of
innovations and with an eye
for the newest models.


Knows what works and what is important
for PR managers, dealers and marketing and communication staff.


Squarely on the side of the automotive sector
so no conflicts of interest.


Full speed ahead
thanks to direct communication.
No interference, which makes understanding your needs
that much easier.

Straight lines, quick shifts.

That makes your work easier.